How to Utilize a Bidet

How to properly to utilize a bidet depends on what kind you’re using, but the procedure is similar for many bidets you’ll encounter.

For a toilet seat bidet, find the controls on the side of the seat. After you have actually gone to the restroom, press the “wash” button to tidy yourself off. There may also be a button that enables you to move the position of the bidet’s nozzle so you can adjust where you’re spraying yourself.

If you’re utilizing a non-electric toilet seat bidet, just turn the knob clockwise to launch the water. The more you turn it, the greater the water pressure will be. Toilet seat bidets might likewise have controls that let you change the temperature of the water.

For a standalone bidet that’s not attached to the toilet, sit on the bidet so you’re either dealing with at or far from the fixtures, depending upon whether you’re cleaning your front or back. Then, turn among the knobs to launch hot or cold water once you’re placed over the jet.

Whichever type of bidet you’re utilizing, spray yourself for 20-60 seconds to ensure you’re all cleaned off. Some bidets have a button you can push to dry yourself off when you’re finished. If yours doesn’t, use toilet paper to dry yourself off before putting your underwear back on.

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