6 Best Bidet Toilet Combo Reviews (Feb. 2021)

A toilet should comprise two things, those are comfort and hygiene. Only a toilet with a bidet combination can provide these two things with many other conveniences. To clean your back in a hygienic manner, you should invest in the best bidet toilet combo.

Bidet toilet combination is a smart device that has the self-cleaning ability in unique style and quality. For an amazing toilet experience with relaxation and comfort, it is incomparable. A toilet bidet combination package can be a better replacement for your old leaky toilet.

6 Best Bidet Toilet Combo in 2021

  1. Toto MS920CEMFG#01– Best Overall
  2. Bio Bidet IB835– Best Toilet with Bidet
  3. WoodBridge T-0008– Most Comfortable Toilet Bidet Combo
  4. TOTO MW6042044CEFG#01– Luxurious Washlet
  5. Complete Electronic Toilet– Best Electric Bidet Toilet
  6. KOHLER K-4026-0– Smartest Bidet Toilet Combo

Is there any good in the toilet bidet combo?

You should know that an average toilet can’t maintain the utmost hygiene, where a bidet toilet is unbeatable on that occasion. Also, it offers the most comfortable inner washing experiences.

A combo toilet bidet doesn’t require extra space to install beside your toilet. So, it is a space saver toilet option for you. The operating system often equipped with a remote control to make it easier for the users.

You can reduce 75% of toilet paper usage by installing a toilet bidet combination. This information is for those who think it’s an expensive and luxury appliance only. So, you can save about $300 on toilet paper costs a year by investing a single time.

But, you should have cared for such an investment. Looking for water efficiency, durability, cleansing, temperature, and the pressure adjusting features is a must while buying a bidet toilet combo.

Also, look for a versatile and convenient one. If you feel that you are clueless about it, then do not worry we have your back. You will not make a costly mistake if you read the rest of the article.

Best Bidet Toilet Combo Reviews


Toto MS920CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF- Best Bidet Toilet Combo Overall

Toto is renowned for its best features in bidet toilets. This one is also the same with many technologies. For people who love different features in one toilet, this is the best washlet with integrated toilet.

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF 0.9-GPF Washlet

Why should you get it?

Getting the Toto Washlet with an integrated toilet will change your toilet using experience. It features so many cleaning options and has taken care of comfort. The hygiene part is also the best here. So you definitely give this bidet toilet combination a try.

Top Features:

Dual flush toilet: The dual flush washlet toilet has a new technology in it with a 3D tornado flush. It flushes out every single part of the toilet bowl.

Adjustable water temperature: Living in a cold country is hard when you have to use water after using the toilet. To ensure comfort for you, Toto has kept adjustable water temperature.

So no matter it’s summer or winter, you can adjust the water temperature using a remote control as your preference.

Lubricious toilet bowl: Seeing adhering to waste is disgusting. The bowl of Toto is lubricious and prevents the waste from adhering. The CEFIONTECT glaze and PreMist function by Toto has given the toilet bowl the ability to keep itself clean.

Auto toilet lid: Touching the toilet lid gives an anxiety attack to some people. Especially if you are visiting someone’s house. To prevent that you get an auto open and close lid.

Universal height: The toilet seat height is universal. So you do not have to seat uncomfortably on it.

Other features: This Toto bidet combo features a warm air dryer which will save you toilet paper, you do not even have to do anything yourself. It features an air deodorizer as well for leaving the bathroom fresh smelling after using it.


  • Hygienic for different cleaning features
  • Air deodorizers make the bathroom smell fresh
  • The spray wand sprays in different patterns for better cleaning
  • Does not let solid waste buildup in the toilet


  • The dryer does not work fast enough

Bio Bidet IB835- Best Toilet with Integrated Bidet

If you want to enjoy luxury in the comfort of your home, then go for the Bio Bidet toilet system. The luxury of having a warm toilet seat all the time was a dream but not anymore. The compact design makes things look good and classy.

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated Bidet Toilet System

Why should you get it?

The best feature of this toilet system is the separate nozzles for a feminine wash. It takes care of the sensitive part of women’s bodies and cleans gently. And there are other great features like air dryer, self-cleaning and all.

With all those features in it, you cannot say no to this toilet system. All the convenient features and hygienic systems are convincing to get the best toilet bidet combo at our home.

Top Features:

Dual nozzle: One of the biggest mistakes we do while buying a bidet toilet is not caring about feminine hygiene. Using the same nozzle is not good for the female organ at all. Bio bidet cares about it and has two separate nozzles for him and her.

Eco friendly: This toilet system saves energy, which is Eco-friendly. As it has an air dryer setting, it also saves toilet paper.

Wide cleaning: When you use the toilet, you will understand the difference in cleanliness. It cleans down there in a wider portion that ensures better hygiene.

Warm toilet seat: In cold countries, toilet seats feel like a big chunk of ice. With this combo toilet with an integrated bidet, you will get the luxury of a heated toilet seat all the time.

Self-clean: Yes, the nozzle and the toilet keep itself clean. This is a hygiene concern for many people. Because you would not want a splash of water down there with germs. This combo bidet toilet cleans itself every time someone uses it.


  • Separate nozzle for feminine wash
  • The Eco-friendly system saves energy
  • Everything in a package
  • It has an auto deodorizer for fresh toilet
  • It has a wireless remote and a digital sensor.


  • Sometimes the water pressure does not work

How to Install Bio Bidet IB835

WoodBridge T-0008- Best Toilet with Bidet

If you have parents or grandparents who cannot use the toilet themselves properly, this toilet bidet combo will be a blessing. For their personal care, it will help immensely and give them independence. There are more things that also help normal people. This toilet bowl is elongated with highly efficient.

WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Why should you get it?

Technology and convenience everything is mixed to make this one the best toilet with integrated bidet. With all the features, you also get a quiet and powerful flush. All these are enough reasons that you should get it in your house.

Top Features:

Hygiene features: This bidet features every type of hygiene features for the most comfort. It has a feminine wash feature, posterior wash, and pulsating wash. This toilet also has an adjustable water pressure feature.

This is a great feature because people have a different preference for water pressure. Some people like high water pressure and some enjoy gentle ones. For them, this is the best toilet bidet combo with adjustable water pressure.

Filtered water: The water that comes to clean your down part is hygienic by this bidet toilet. If the water already contains germs, then what’s the point of washing with it! This is the thought behind this feature.

Comfort features: It has a water heater and an air dryer that are both for the best comfort. The seat stays heated with 5 types of adjustable temperature. So you can enjoy luxury at home easily.

Other features: The toilet seat has automatic on and off features so you do not have to touch it. The nozzles are made of stainless steel and clean themselves after use. And WoodBridge cares about the Eco-system that is why it has an energy-saving feature. So you can use this combination toilet with bidet guilt-free.


  • Ensure hygiene every way
  • The nozzle is self-cleaning which the first concern in most toilets.
  • Adjustable water pressure lets you get what you exactly want


  • You need a very good plumber to install this. An average plumber cannot install this toilet with ease.

TOTO MW6042044CEFG#01 WASHLET- Best Toilet Bidet Combo for the Money

What is a luxury and comfy toilet experience for you? For me, it’s a warm toilet seat in the winter. Technology and innovation can blend in and make something great like this TOTO washlet. From a heated toilet seat to a great flush, everything is in this best toilet with bidet.

Every time you come out of the toilet, it’s like you had a spa experience. We already know Toto for their innovative ideas in their products. Let’s see what is in this one.


Why you should get it?

This Toto toilet is filled with all new features and technologies. The Air-in Wonder wave technology that effectively cleans you gently can be the main reason to try it. Though all the features in this washlet are top-notch and worth a try.

Top Features:

Pre mist: Before you use the washlet, it mists itself by using the incoming supply of water. The bowl becomes clean while you use it. Even after using it, the toilet cleans itself. If your cleaning obsession, this toilet will definitely not fail to amaze you.

Slick surface: The toilet bowl is made of slick material and prevents waste from adhering to the bowl. That’s why the cleaning is faster.

Air-in wonder wave: This is their own innovation that makes the water stream gentle but strong. So it cleans you gently, but the water pressure is strong. The process is to inject the water with air, so it cleans you gently but effectively.

The seat: You get the luxury of a heated toilet seat with a special design. The seat is contoured for more comfort. It has five temperature settings to choose whatever you prefer.


  • This bidet toilet combination can preset preferences for four different users
  • Hands-free dryer for drying without the use of toilet paper.
  • This one also has an adjustable temperature setting
  • Its air deodorizer automatically works and neutralizes the air
  • Air-in wonder wave technology helps to get the best cleaning experience.


  • This one does not have any drawbacks according to users.
  • Some people claimed that it was not comfortable. But comfort varies from person to person

What is the best toilet from TOTO brand? Check out

Complete Electronic Toilet with Integrated Bidet Seat

The electronic bidet toilet combos are so convenient that you will never go back to using a regular toilet again. The wide range of comfort by the toilet with an integrated bidet will stop you from going back.

Your bathroom will look classier because this one looks better than any other toilet. You are getting everything at a very affordable price, let’s see what’s more in here.

Complete Electronic Toilet with Integrated Bidet Seat

 Why should you get it?

The electronic bidet toilet combination is smart in every possible way. Losing the opportunity to use it a big miss. The auto flush and auto lid are some of the main reasons to give it a try.

Top Features:

Elongated seat: The elongated seat gives more comfort than usual ones. It gives more support for the back.

Heated seat: Like all the other toilets with bidet, this one features a heated toilet seat. If you catch a cold easily, this will help you a lot.

Auto flush: After you are done with the business, this smart toilet will flush off everything. This automatic system is great for maintaining cleanliness.

The lid: The lid opens and closes automatically after you press a button. So, you do not need to worry about touching nasty toilet lids anymore. Even for cleaning, you can use the remote.

Water pressure: The bidet toilet is mainly interesting for the water that it splashes. So the water pressure is the very first thing people care about. You are not going to be disappointed by this. Because the pressure is great, and it’s customizable.


  • Great water spray pressure, which is customizable for all family members
  • Heated seat for getting undisturbed comfort every time you a seat on the toilet
  • This one is more on the affordable side than any other bidet toilet options
  • The look of the toilet is beautiful. Even prettier than some high-end bidet toilet options.


  • Because of some mistakes in the internal design of the toilet bowl, the flush works less effectively.

KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing Skirted One-Piece Elongated Toilet

This one is last but obviously not the least in our review. This one-piece toilet is very compact but effective on every side possible. The touchscreen remote can help you with all the benefits of the toilet.

Also, the chair height is universally perfect for everyone. People with knee problems will enjoy sitting here. Let’s see what’s more in the features of this best toilet with bidet.

KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing Skirted One-Piece Elongated Toilet

 Why should you get it?

The light feature in the bowl of this toilet is the only reason to make it stand in-crowd. But all the other features are also worth trying. For the uniqueness of the toilet, you must give it a try.

Top Features:

Built-in light: When you wake up at night, you do not want to disturb your sleep with flashy lights. The toilet has a built-in light that will assist you to use the toilet in low light without disturbance.

Self-cleansing: This toilet is self-cleansing great for maintaining good hygiene. Also, its power lite flushing technology flashes using a remote. So do not worry about an unhygienic bathroom ever.

Water saver: as much as you should take care of hygiene, you need to care about the environment too. KOHLER cares about water efficiency and made this toilet a water saver. It saves over 20% water each time but cleans effectively at the same time.

Other features: without an air dryer, self-cleaning wand, and a deodorizer the toilet would be incomplete. Everything is added to this toilet bidet combination to ensure comfort and hygiene together.


  • High water-saving technology that saves 20% water each time
  • Self-cleaning wand for ensuring that you do not get splashed by dirty water
  • Precise air dryer to save toilet paper and save you from feeling wet everywhere
  • Illuminating toilet bowl that has LED night light for safe usage of the toilet at night
  • Self-cleansing bowl that automatically cleans the bowl every time you use


  • Everything works fine just the flush sometimes messes up. Sometimes it flushes whenever it wants to.

Guide to Buy the Best Toilet with Bidet Combination

The first consideration is keeping in mind that you are not buying a regular toilet. You are buying a toilet for more hygiene and comfort instead. So, there are a few more things to consider while buying the best bidet toilet combo. Let’s discuss them below:

Toilet Materials:

Ceramic or Porcelain is the most common material used to make this bidet toilet, including the bowl and seat. If you are thinking of durability only, then both materials are safe to buy.

The only difference made by few brands is the glazed bowl. So the surface can prevent any waste from sticking over it. We recommend the TOTO washlet that comes with a ceramic glazing bowl to reduce the cleaning effort so far.

Consideration before buying a bidet toilet

Types of Bidet

There are many types of bidet toilets available. We will classify all the toilet seat bidets. There are three types of toilet seat bidets.

Electric bidets:

If hygiene and comfort matter more to you than money, then an electric bidet will change your life. It has, so many features related to comfort and hygiene. It operates with the help of electricity.  The installing process is difficult, but the features will make you forget that.

You can control the temperature of water in the electric bidet toilet. For colder countries using water is enjoy using ice cubes down there. So you get the comfort of warm water with this toilet. Some people prefer high pressure for cleaning.

Hemorrhoid people want gentle water pressure. On an electric bidet toilet combo, you have the power to control the water pressure. There are more exciting features like air deodorizer, self-cleansing, and air dryer. A remote is there too for operating everything. The more money you spend, the more features are there.

Nonelectric bidets

It works everything by the system of plumbing. Pressurized water help with spray and a knob by the side of the toilet helps to adjust the water pressure. But the water is not warm in it. If your water tap gives warm water already, then you can get it.

As this does not have many features, it’s affordable. Other self-cleaning features are in here to maintain hygiene for you. It’s affordable and eco-friendly.

Handheld bidets

In the Middle East, a handheld hose is there beside the flushing toilet. It’s connected to the plumbing with a sprayer. Muslim community uses it most. It’s very affordable and easy to use. Sometimes it becomes challenging as you have to do things by your hands.

Electronic bidet toilet combo

Benefits of Bidet Toilet Combo

Ensures hygiene:

When you clean yourself with dry toilet paper, it cannot properly clean you. It still leaves a residue on your skin, which is gross. The best bidet toilet combo will provide water flow and clean that residue from your skin. Then it will leave you refreshed and hygienic.

This bidet system is popular in Japan, Venezuela, South America, and Europe. In Asia and the Middle East, this is a household name. Most Americans have not heard about it, and it is high time to adopt this habit.

Safe for the environment:

A study has said that Americans use at least 57 tissue papers every single day. So each year about three million tons of toilet paper is used. To produce this paper, we cut 54 millions of a tree down.

For this huge supply, tree farms have to supply 50% and the other half comes from virgin forests. This is heartbreaking, and it affects climate change immensely. You can contribute to saving the trees by giving up the toilet paper.

Toilet paper Spreads toxin in the environment:

To manufacture toilet paper, companies need bleaching properties. It produces a byproduct named dioxin responsible for cancer in humans and animals. The chlorine also harms the environment.

You can contribute to saving the world from these hazardous chemicals using the bidet seat or bidet toilet combinations, we reviewed earlier.

Prevent clogging problems:

Toilet papers clog the toilet we all know it. Using a bidet toilet, you can reduce the usage of toilet paper to 70%. If you use an air dryer feature, then it will reduce to 0. It will help you save a lot of money.

Not just the money of buying toilet paper. Calling a professional plumber for a clogged toilet is expensive. You can save that money for other investments.

The shape of Bowl and Seat

There are two shapes of bidet toilets in the USA and Canada. One is round, and the other is elongated. Before buying the bidet toilet seat check out the size of your existing toilet. Or it will not fit after you bring it home.

Self-cleansing Capability and Hygiene

When you buy the best toilet with a bidet, you must check if it has self-cleansing capability. This is crucial for a bidet toilet combo because it will splash water into the most sensitive part of your body. If it’s full of germs, it will be dangerous for your health to use that toilet.

Thankfully, most bidet toilet has this feature in them.


Comfort comes second after the hygiene issue. The best bidet toilet combo has to have a warm water setting if you live in a cold country. Or the freezing water will make the experience of going to the bathroom scary.

Controlling Types

Bidet toilet comes with a controller where you control the settings. You can set the water temperature, water pressure, and the position of the nozzle. People have different preferences for cleaning themselves. Just see what you prefer in the controller and use that.

Air Dryer to Save Toilet Papers

The air dryer setting in a bidet toilet combination is very simple. A hairdryer type of machine dries your lower part after the splash of water. By doing this, it saves toilet papers, and you do not have to do anything. People with mobility issues who cannot use their hands will get the best benefits out of it.

Difference between Bidet Toilet Seat and Bidet Toilet Combo:

The bidet toilet seat and bidet toilet combo are different. A bidet seat is the simpler one where you can remove your existing toilet seat and install the bidet toilet seat. Connect this with a water line by your plumber and it’s done.

Bidet seat and toilet combo is an integrated process. Here the bidet is installed already in the toilet and it’s universal. You buy the bidet and toilet seat together and install them together.

Best Bidet Toilet Combo


Q: Can the bidet be harmful?

Bidet cleans the outer part of your body. It does not clean down there. It’s the same as a shower you do every day. The water is not too much to miss balance your pH balance. So the bidet is not harmful. In fact, it is good for your skin as it cleans every bit of residue.

Also, people with mobility issues can get the best out of a bidet. A dryer will dry down thereafter the water splash. People who cannot move arms will get so much help from this. So there is no way a bidet toilet is harmful.

Q: Are bidet toilets sanitary?

Bidet technology is not just convenient. It’s sanitary, too. Bidet toilet splash water down there with a nozzle. These toilets must have a self-sterilization system that will keep the nozzle germs and fungi-free.  So it is sanitary to use a bidet toilet combo.

Q: Does using a bidet help with hemorrhoids?

It is good for hemorrhoids. In fact, it is like a blessing for them. The toilet paper is dry and hard. It rubs their sensitive area and makes the situation worse. The water gently cleans them and makes sure no residue and germs are there.

Q: Do bidets save money?

Toilet paper is not expensive at all. In fact, a toilet bidet combination is more expensive. So how does it save money?

You install a bidet toilet for a very long time. It’s a one-time investment with a minimum electricity bill per year. But, it’s a bit much to invest

Toilet paper also clogs the toilet and you have to call professionals. So this money is also saved. The bidet saves money in the long run.


Do you still want to stick to toilet paper even after knowing all the benefits of the bidet? We all are so concerned about cleanliness but do not care about the sensitive ones? Toilet paper is the least effective way of cleaning.

These top 6 best bidet toilet combo is highly recommended for those who are looking for a modern, classy, and functional toilet for their bathroom.

Grab the best toilet with integrated bidet now.


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