5 Best Bidet Toilet Seats of 2021 with Comparison Chart

Here are our rankings for the 5 best bidet toilet seats of 2021.  Read below to figure out exactly why we ranked these 5 best bidet toilet seats and what makes them really the best.

We’ve experienced and tested first-hand, dozens and dozens of seats.  Our list of best bidet toilet seats below was carefully curated taking into consideration:

  • Feature set of the bidet
  • Price point of the bidet
  • Customer feedback
  • Consumer demand
  • Manufacturer’s warranty terms and track record of reliability.

Note that just because a bidet seat is not listed here, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “bad” choice.  With so many models available today, it can be confusing to examine all of them on your own, and try to figure out the pros and cons of each.  Our aim is to simply “short-list” the models we think you should consider as you make your final decision, to narrow down your bidet universe in an easy-to-digest format.  There may be some features, e.g., a lid you can sit on, that are important to you but that same feature may not be important to others.  So certainly you’ll want to review our list with a degree of personalization in mind and think about which features would be most important to you and your household.

Our list of best bidet toilet seats:

#5 – Brondell Swash DS725

best bidet toilet seat - brondell swash ds725

The Brondell Swash DS725 is a mid-level offering from Brondell, but still comes with most of the features you would find in higher-end models.  With a price point in the $300 – $400 range, there is great value in this seat and highly recommended if you’re looking for an electronic bidet seat, but a little shy about spending north of $600.

Operated with a wireless remote control, the Swash DS725 comes with all of the primary features you would expect in an electronic bidet toilet seat such as – posterior wash, feminine wash, adjustable water temperature, adjustable water pressure and adjustable nozzle position.  The DS725 also has the popular heated toilet seat and includes the oscillating wash feature which moves the nozzle back and forth, extending the coverage area while washing.  A built-in air dryer, night light, an air deodorization system are also included.  These are basic features you’ll find in ALL of the seats below.

The biggest difference with the DS725 and our four other best bidet toilet seats though, is the water heating technology.  The Brondell Swash DS725 uses a reservoir water tank heating system vs. an on-demand water heating system.  This means that inside the bidet, there is a small water reservoir which holds pre-heated water which is ready at all times.  But one of the downsides, is that the warm water eventually depletes and you’ll feel the water start turning to room temperature after ~30 seconds.  For a more detailed explanation, you can read our article:  Bidet Toilet Seat Water Heating Systems.

But since most people finish washing in ~20 seconds, most people won’t even notice the reservoir tank heater on the Swash DS725.  Given its price point, coupled with the rather complete feature set this seat provides, the Brondell Swash DS725 really is a great model to introduce yourself to the world of bidet seats.

#4 – Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition

best bidet toilet seat - bio bidet dib special edition

The Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition features all the primary functions you would expect in an electronic bidet seat including – posterior wash, feminine wash, water temp/pressure controls and nozzle adjustment.  But as you move up the price spectrum, you also get a few extra bells and whistles which make this seat special.

With two user presets, the DIB Special Edition lets you pre-program wash settings for up two different users.  This lets you tailor water temperature, water pressure and spray position and program all this right into the remote.  This is really helpful if you and your spouse have major differences in your preferred wash settings.  And let’s not forget about the kids in the house either!  The “Child” button on the remote control activates a lower pressure wash, coupled with a more forward spray position which is easier for children.  So basically – you get three user presets when you factor in the Child mode.

Another special feature of the DIB Special Edition is the lid you can sit on.  You can’t sit on the lid of most other bidet seats, but the DIB does have a sturdy lid which can support your weight on it.  The ergonomic seating area also makes this bidet a very comfortable seat to sit on.  There are curves in both the seat and the main housing area in the rear, which better accommodate the curves of your back and bottom.

#3 – Brondell Swash 1400

best bidet toilet seat - brondell swash 1400

The award-winning Brondell Swash 1400 is the flagship model from Brondell, and the best bidet toilet seat in Brondell’s product line-up.  It has every wash feature you’ll find in the Swash DS725, and uses the DS725 feature set as a baseline to build on top of.  A handy addition you’ll find in the Swash 1400 is the adjustable spray-width feature.  This lets you choose between a narrow, more concentrated spray or a wider, softer spray which provides greater coverage.

The Brondell Swash 1400 also features twin stainless steel nozzles.  One nozzle is dedicated for posterior wash, while a second nozzle is dedicated for feminine wash.  Like the DS725, the bidet has an automatic self-rinsing feature, which rinses the nozzles with water before and after each use.  The Swash 1400 adds a separate nozzle sterilization feature however, which uses a silver-oxide solution to sterilize the wash nozzles too.

The Brondell Swash 1400 features a hidden-pocket design, where BOTH the electric cord and water connections are housed.  Having all the cordage on the same side of the seat makes things look a bit more tidy.  When facing the toilet, you’ll find these connections on the left side of the seat.  On the opposite (right) side, you’ll find vents for the bidet’s air deodorizer system.  Unlike all the other bidets in this list, the carbon cartridge for the Swash 1400’s air deodorizer system is actually removable, so you can easily replace the carbon filter from time to time if needed.

You’ll find two user-presets on this seat too, which allows you to program wash settings for two different people in your household.  The Swash 1400 also includes a lid you can sit on.  The Brondell Swash 1400 and Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition are the only two seats in this list, which include this sit-able lid feature.

#2 – TOTO S550e Washlet

best bidet toilet seat - toto washlet s550e

As a global brand with a stronger international presence, the TOTO Washlet S550e is one of the best-selling bidet toilet seats in the world.  TOTO is the first company to mass-produce bidet toilet seats, introducing their very first Washlet G Series back in the 1980s.  TOTO’s latest luxury-class model, the S550e, was released in 2018 and shows off TOTO’s decades of manufacturing experience.

Starting with the outside, the TOTO S550e comes in your choice of lid styles – contemporary and classic.  The contemporary lid style (pictured above) has a flat, streamlined look which fully covers the seat underneath providing a more uni-body look to your toilet.  The classic lid style has beveled edges around the contours of the lid and leaves the seat slightly exposed underneath.  Measuring just 5 inches tall at its tallest point in the rear, this is the thinnest electronic bidet seat available.  People who prefer an attractive, modern looking seat will pay special attention to the TOTO S550e.

All of the wash features we’ve discussed until now are built into this seat.  You’ll find posterior wash, feminine wash, adjustable spray position, and oscillating wash included.  Some advanced washing features you’ll find are adjustable spray width, and a water-pulse mode which pulsates the water stream.  You can use the water-pulse and oscillating features at the same time too, for a soothing massaging effect.

The e-Water toilet bowl misting feature on the TOTO S550e, mists the sides of your toilet bowl with electrolyzed water before and after each use.  Used in the restaurant industry to sanitize cutting boards, knives and utensils – electrolyzed water is known for its disinfectant properties and helps keep your toilet bowl cleaner.  The automatic open/close seat and lid is another wonderful add-on.  The S550e is equipped with a body sensor, so as you approach the toilet the lid will automatically open for you.  Men, who wish to raise the toilet seat too, can do so by tapping a button on top of the remote control.  Both the seat and lid automatically close, 90 seconds after walking away.  And of course this comes with a special perk – women will always find the seat down!

#1 – Bio Bidet BB 2000

best bidet toilet seat - bio bidet bliss bb 2000

If you’ve read this far, you’ve learned about the incredible array of different features you can pack into a toilet seat.  Which is quite amazing really, because a toilet seat isn’t very big – so it’s pretty impressive how many features a modern bidet seat can come with.  But despite all of these “nice-to-have” features, don’t forget – the PRIMARY reason you’re getting a bidet toilet seat is for its ability to wash you efficiently and thoroughly after using the bathroom.

With its superior washing performance, our #1 ranked best bidet toilet seat is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000.  With its exceptional water output of 0.7 liters per minute, the BB 2000 features the highest water volume of any electronic bidet available.  This compares to about 0.5 liters per minute which is what you’ll find in most other seats.  Further, the oscillation rate on the BB 2000 (how quickly the nozzle extends and retracts in oscillation mode) is higher too.  When you combine its increased water output with its increased rate of oscillation, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 2000 stands apart in providing an efficient and thorough washing experience.

Other unique features on the Bio Bidet BB 2000 include its 3-in-1 wash nozzle which is made predominantly of stainless steel.  At the tip of the nozzle are three different spray ports for posterior wash, feminine wash, and the optional enema feature which helps alleviate constipation.  This patented nozzle tip is even detachable and can easily be swapped out.  The BB 2000 also has a wide seat design, measuring almost 15 inches wide which is wider than what you would typically find in a bidet seat.  And its increased weight capacity of 450 pounds makes the BB 2000 more accommodating over a wider range of users both big and small.

The Bio Bidet BB 2000 comes with an outstanding warranty package which further supports its #1 ranking.  With 100% coverage for three full years from the date of purchase, this is the strongest bidet seat warranty in the business.  Bio Bidet also offers an extended warranty plan – you can purchase 3 additional years (at a very reasonable cost), providing 6 years of total coverage.  Bio Bidet’s warranty plan demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability and reliability of their product, and gives you peace of mind that you’ll be enjoying your bidet for years to come.

Bidet Seat Comparison Chart

We’ve prepared the bidet toilet seat comparison charts below to help with your seat selection.  As you research different models, it’s helpful to have the products listed side-by-side so you can compare the different feature sets.  You may have looked at so many seats by now, your head is spinning!  Which model should I get?  We want to make your research experience a bit easier by providing a ton of information, into this easy-to-digest format.

At a high-level, there are three comparison charts below:

  1. Comparison of electronic bidet toilet seats
  2. Comparison of non-electric bidets
  3. Comparison of all models with a brief write-up of each

Starting with our electronic bidet toilet seats, simply by glancing below – you can quickly see that all our bidet toilet seats come with the same BASIC set of features such as posterior wash, feminine wash, adjustable water temperature/pressure and a heated toilet seat.  You’ll see these commonalities in our first comparison chart below:

Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet Toilet Seat Feature Considerations

All of the bidet toilet seats above will achieve the basic function of why you’re getting a bidet in the first place, which is to be able to wash yourself with water.  But there are details to consider as well.  Such as the warranty, the control type (wireless remote control or attached control panel), and the unit’s water volume.  Nozzle construction and being able to sit on the closed lid are other considerations.  We’ll highlight some of the more important things you should be thinking about.  The information we present is based on our experiences talking to other people just like you, who are trying to decide which bidet seat to get.  These are the features we get asked about the most:

Feature Description
Warranty Warranties range from 1 to 5 years.  While some bidet toilet seats have a 100% warranty throughout the warranty period, others have declining coverage in the outer years, e.g., 75% coverage in Year 2 and 50% coverage in Year 3.  Some seats offer extended warranty plans.  You can view the warranty details on each product page for specifics.
Control Type You operate your bidet through a wireless remote control or through a control panel which is attached to the side of the seat.  Remote controlled bidets are easier to use.  With a control panel, some of the buttons are way in the back – so you have to twist around and look behind you to access some of the buttons.  But with a remote control, you simply mount it on the wall.  You can even remove the remote control from the wall and hold it in your hand.
Water Volume Water volume is a measurement of how much water the bidet seat can output, measured in liters per minute.  To put it simply – more water volume is better.  More water translates to a more efficient wash.  You could imagine taking a shower with lower water volume vs higher water volume.  You will be able to shower faster and more efficiently if you had higher water volume.  This concept applies to bidet seats too.
Water Heating System There are two types of water heaters in bidet seats, (1) reservoir tank heaters and (2) tankless heaters.  Reservoir tank heaters have a built-in warm water reservoir which keeps warm water ready at all times.  Can output ~40 seconds of warm water, then water will start to cool.  Since most people wash in ~20 seconds, 40 seconds is plenty.  Tankless heaters provide never-ending warm water, but the first second or two may be a little cold (no reservoir).  But they are more energy efficient, and because they are tankless – these bidets are typically less bulky.
Air Deodorizer A common misconception is that a bidet toilet seat’s air deodorizer masks the odor with another scent, like vanilla or cherry.  But the truth is bidet seat air deodorizers work with an active carbon filter which ABSORBS unwanted bathroom odor, instead of covering it up.  There is an intake fan which takes the air from the toilet bowl, and passes it thru the active carbon filter.
Stainless Steel Nozzles The spray nozzle for bidet toilet seats will either be (1) a stainless steel nozzle or (2) a plastic nozzle.  Stainless steel nozzles are going to be more sanitary.  If you look at plastic under a microscope, you’ll see that plastic is a porous material which can catch microscopic debris.  Stainless steel however is a solid, smooth surface which is easier for the bidet to clean during its self-rinsing action.
A Lid You Can Sit On Typically, the lid which covers the seat of your bidet is not designed to be weight-bearing.  The lid is intended to act more like a cover.  If you do sit on the lid, you’ll feel it “give” and you’ll want to stand up.  However, there are instances when it’s convenient to sit on a closed toilet.  For example – if you have a smaller bathroom/powder room, and need somewhere to sit.  Brondell is the only manufacturer who makes bidets where you can sit on the lid.
Automatic Open/Close Lid Bidet seats which offer an automatic open/close lid, are built with a motion sensor which detects when you’re approaching.  As you walk towards the toilet, the lid will open automatically for you.  Men – who may want to open the seat as well, can do so by tapping a button on top of the remote control.  The lid and the seat automatically close as you walk away.  The only bidets which have this feature are the Novita BH 90/93 and TOTO S550e.
User Presets The best analogy is to compare to luxury cars, where you can program driver presets.  In the case of a car – you would program the driver’s seat position, the position of the mirrors and steering wheel.  With a bidet, however – you would program the spray position, water temperature and pressure for up to two people in your household.

Popular Head-to-Head Bidet Comparisons

Here are some head-to-head comparisons of our most popular bidet toilet seats. These dedicated comparisons provide a high level summary, some detailed comparisons, reasons why you would choose one over the other, differences in specs, as well as some quick hits on the bidet’s main features and warranty.  Some popular head-to-head comparisons:

Non-Electric Bidets

Non-electric models are a great choice if you prefer a no-frills option, or if you don’t have an electrical outlet near the toilet.  With the absence of electricity – these models are typically cold water only, and powered by your home’s water pressure alone.  Some models do have a hot water option however, which use an extended hose line which connects to your hot water outlet beneath your sink.  These hot water models are specified in the chart below under the feature, “Hot Water Mixing.”

Non-Electric Bidets

Comparison of All Bidet Models

Finally, we have one more chart that lists all our bidets, including a brief write-up on each model.  Here we highlight the key differences in each model, and also identify areas for improvement.  We also segment the seats according to price, dividing the bidets into three price tiers.  This provides a different “cross-section,” or a different way of looking at all the bidets conveniently in one chart.  This chart provides additional insight, but in a more text-based format.

Price Tier I:  Bidet Seats $599 and above
Model Controls Points of Difference Areas for Improvement Summary
Bio Bidet BB 2000 Remote Control All new design is 25% thinner than previous generation BB 1000.  Upgraded water heating system, stainless steel nozzles, wider spray Not much.  Maybe a cup-holder? Superior washing performance
Bio Bidet BB 1700 Attached Panel The best seat you can find, for those who prefer the controls attached to the seat Okay, maybe an automatic open/close seat and lid next time Same as BB 2000 but with the control panel attached
Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Remote Control Automatic open/close seat and lid, new dynamic (alternating hot/cold) stream feature, enhanced air dryer, UV light nozzle sterilization, in-bowl night light, ultra-slim design No user presets, can’t sit on the lid Bio Bidet’s new luxury model aimed at higher-end consumers.  Fully featured with a trim and contemporary look.  Outstanding warranty provides full 100% coverage for 5 years
Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition Remote Control Wide variety of wash modes including posterior, feminine, enema, and child wash features.  A lid you can sit on.  Available in both elongated and round sizes Remote is touch-sensitive (like a smart phone) so not ideal if you prefer raised buttons Great looks and design.  Ergonomic seating area is a plus
Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Remote Control Double-sided remote looks less cluttered on the front.  Two user-presets.  Dual-speed warm air dry.  Electric cord is centered in the rear, so you can swing the cord left or right Would like to see it available in beige color Uni-body construction blends well with the rest of your toilet.  High degree of user control and customization in this seat
Blooming NB-R1570 Remote Control The only bidet seat with BOTH an auto open/close seat and lid + a lid you can sit on No user presets Blooming’s newest seat combines great design with an outstanding feature set
Blooming NB-R1063 Wireless Remote Fits virtually any toilet, including hard-to-fit one piece toilets like the Kohler San Raphael and Kohler Rialto No air deodorizer Fully featured bidet with strongest air dry of the units we tested.  Night light well designed.  Complete 100% warranty for 3 full years
Brondell Swash 1400 Wireless Remote Brondell’s new 3rd generation seat offers a hidden pocket design for water/power connections.  Night light, longer feminine nozzle, user presets The only thing missing is the auto open/close seat and lid. New flagship model from Brondell is a winner.  Several improvements over the Swash 1000 and still retains a sleek look
Brondell Swash 1000 Wireless Remote Lots of technology packed into a great looking bidet seat Turbo wash would have been a good addition Great all-around model even includes a lid you can sit on.  Longer history on this model shows good durability
Kohler Novita BH90/93 Wireless Remote Attractive design with brushed stainless steel inlay across the back.  Backlit LCD display on remote control.  Best night light available.  Auto open/close lid Remote control is best used from the wall; too big to hold in one hand Top of the line seat from Kohler Novita comes loaded with features
TOTO S550e Wireless Remote Thin design measures 5″ high at its tallest point.  New eWater Technology uses electrolyzed water to mist the toilet bowl.  Auto open/close seat and lid One year warranty is short compared to other manufacturers The gold standard in bidet seats.  Now also comes in your choice of lid styles – contemporary and classic
TOTO S500e Wireless Remote Identical to the S550e, except S500e doesn’t have night light or automatic open/close seat and lid Round size would be nice.  Available in elongated size only The first company to mass produce bidet toilet seats. They’ve had decades to fine tune their flagship product
TOTO K300 Wireless Remote Includes toilet bowl misting feature, but uses regular water (not electrolyzed water like the S550e/S500e). LCD display on the back of the remote would make adjustments a bit easier Doesn’t have the same high-end features like the S550e/S500, but this new mid-range unit from TOTO still has a lot to offer
Price Tier II:  Bidet Seats $499 and below
Model Controls Points of Difference Areas for Improvement Summary
Bio Bidet BB 1000 Wireless Remote Air dry works great, has optional turbo wash feature A night light would have been nice Great track record, great warranty
Bio Bidet BB 800 Attached
Air dry works really well, optional turbo wash If BB 1000 has an air deodorizer, this should too Same as Bio Bidet BB 1000, but without deodorizer and remote
Bio Bidet BB 600 Attached
Bio Bidet brand and extra warranty options Turbo wash would have been a good addition One of the very first bidet seats.  An oldie but goodie.
Bio Bidet A7 Aura Attached
Highest water volume in the sub-$400 category.  Even includes two user presets No air deodorizer Great value and washing performance from Bio Bidet
Brondell DS725 Wireless Remote Outstanding value includes some high-end features including wireless remote, night light, and air deodorizer Brondell 1400 and 1000 series models have adjustable spray-width You won’t find a more fully featured unit at this price.
Kohler Novita BN330 Attached Panel A more compact model makes it one of the most compatible, with all different kinds of toilets Larger persons may not like the compact design Entry-level electric model from Kohler Novita
TOTO C200 Wireless Remote TOTO has been manufacturing bidet seats for decades, so you know this unit is well built. Quite bulky when compared to other models Entry-level washlet from TOTO
Price Tier III:  Non-Electric Bidets
Model Water Temp Points of Difference Areas for Improvement Summary
Bio Bidet BB i3000 Adjustable Comes with a seat too, so replaces your entire toilet seat.  You also get warm water Not the best-looking unit, but water pressure is great and works well Good option for those who want a warm-water bidet seat, but don’t have electrcity near the toilet
Bio Bidet A5 Stream Cold The lowest-price bidet seat available, replaces your entire toilet seat.  Slim design is just 2.5 inches tall For $99 what more can you ask for? Sleek design looks like a regular toilet seat but has the bidet functionality too
Bio Bidet BB 270 Duo Adjustable Nozzles retract behind a splash guard when not in use, which keeps nozzles cleaner and more sanitary Stainless steel nozzles would be a good upgrade for future models High end, non-electric bidet attachment
Bio Bidet BB Elite 3 Cold Dual nozzle design provides separate nozzles for posterior/feminine wash Warm water would be nice, but that’s what the BB 270 Duo is for Same as the BB 270 Duo, but with no warm water option
Bio Bidet BB 70 Cold Super-easy to use.  A single dial starts the wash and controls water pressure too Feminine wash would be a nice add, but that’s what the BB Elite 3 is for Same as the BB Elite 3, but with a single nozzle – which means no feminine wash
Brondell EcoSeat 100 Cold Comes with a seat too, so replaces your entire toilet seat.  Easy-to-use dial control For this price, should have warm water option. Good non-electric bidet seat, as long as you don’t mind cold water only.
Brondell FreshSpa Dual Adjustable Nozzle angle can be adjusted higher, which changes the angle of the water spray Spray nozzle remains exposed so can collect debris Instead of a splash guard which protects the nozzle from debris, Brondell opted for a nozzle which can be angled more forward.  It’s a trade-off
Brondell FreshSpa Easy Cold Single dial operation is easy to use No feminine nozzle/wash Same as the FreshSpa Dual, but with no warm water option
Brondell CleanSpa Hand Held Cold Hand-held unit which clips onto the side of the toilet’s water tank. You hold it with your hand to use, so not as easy as turning a dial. Very simple design – it’s a mini hand-held shower head
GoBidet GB 2003C Cold While other non-electric models are made of plastic, this one is made of chrome.  Great water coverage since you can position the spray more backward or more forward Not much.  One of the best non-electric units available Hiqh quality chrome construction is built to last

Comparing the Features of Electric Bidets

For anyone who has researched electric bidet toilet seats, they know that there are many different brands and models, all with a variety of different features.  It’s a bit like shopping for a new computer or a new car in that the numerous options can make the process of picking the right one can feel a bit overwhelming at times. So, we wanted to touch on some of the features and functions available on today’s electric bidet seats so you can be more knowledgeable about them as you compare the many different options.  Hopefully this will help you find which bidet seat is the best one for you.

One of the great benefits of an electronic bidet is the adjustability of the wash features.  The original bidets required users to move themselves into position so the stream of water could do its work washing them.  That isn’t always as easy as it sounds, particularly for seniors or anyone with mobility issues.  Luckily electronic units have adjustable nozzle positions which allow you to move the spray nozzle farther forward or farther back so you can find the right position for your body.  You can also adjust the water pressure, so if you want a stronger spray you can increase the pressure, or if you prefer a gentler wash you can simply decrease the pressure level.  And of course with warm water bidets, you can adjust the temperature of the water for a more comfortable experience.  The adjustability of these features really makes electronic seats more attractive than non-electronic attachments, though non-electronic units do have a limited amount of adjustability.

Among electronic units, a big difference between seats is the water heating system.  Some use a reservoir tank which keeps water heated inside the unit and provides a finite volume of warm water.  With these models, you may notice after 30 seconds or so that the warm water gives way to cold water as the reservoir supply is depleted and the spray feeds directly from the cold water line connection.  The newer tankless heating models use a heating coil that provides continuous on-demand heated water for as long as you use it.  The tankless models, besides providing a longer warm water wash, also are more energy efficient.

Another big difference among the electronic seats is whether they have an attached control panel or a remote control.  The attached control panel seats are operated by pressing buttons on a panel that is attached to the rear right side of the unit as you are seated (or left-hand side as you face the toilet).  The remote control models use something similar to a TV remote, and they come with a wall mounting kit.  So the remote can be mounted wherever is convenient and operated from the wall mounting kit, or you can remove it and hold it in your hand or even set it on a nearby surface.  Most people prefer the convenience of the remote control as the attached control panel can sometimes be a bit harder to get used to if you aren’t used to this style.

There are additionally some popular features that are available on some bidets but not all, starting with the warm air dryer.  The dryers are very helpful for those who may have difficulty reaching to wipe themselves dry.  While you may still use a little toilet paper to dab residual moisture in conjunction with the warm air dryer to help dry more quickly, the drying feature helps cut down toilet paper consumption.  The oscillating wash is another popular feature.  This feature moves the nozzle back and forth as it sprays, providing better coverage and cleaning a larger area.  Some models also come equipped with a water pulse for a soothing massage-like wash that can alleviate discomfort.  A few models also offer a turbo enema wash function which uses a stronger concentrated spray that can help with constipation and other similar conditions.

Besides these features, you will also find other design differences to note, such as whether the bidet has a plastic wash nozzle or stainless steel.  Some models are available in either elongated or round size, while others are only available in elongated size.  Most bidet seats come in white color only as most toilets are typically white, however there are a couple of units that offer a beige color option.  One last difference to note is the warranty.  While all of our bidet seats include a manufacturer warranty, they do vary in length and coverage, with some manufacturers offering extended warranty options.

Knowing a bit more about what to look for is the best way to help you decide which bidet seat is the best choice for you.  In addition to the comparison chart information, you can also find additional information, photos, videos and more on the product pages.  You can also contact us directly with any questions and for help in finding which seat is the best one for your bathroom.

Things to Know Prior to Installing Your Bidet

Adding a bidet toilet seat can be a simple but exciting upgrade that some people dive into as soon as they become aware of all the great benefits a bidet offers.  Whether it’s the improved hygiene, greater comfort, cutting back on toilet paper or simply the extra bells and whistles that will add a splash of luxury to your bathroom, there are lots of reasons people want to purchase a bidet for their home.  But whatever your reason, there are a few things you will want to know ahead so you will be ready to install your bidet seat when the time comes.

The first thing to know is that bidet seats come in two different size options – Elongated or Round.  This is because toilets also come in either Elongated or Round size.  Rather than thinking of the shape as round or elongated, these size designations can be thought of like “medium size” or “large size.”  If you don’t know your toilet size, what you can do is measure your toilet using our measuring guide.  This also shows you how to check the clearance between your water tank and seat mounting holes to make sure there is enough space for the bidet to fit.  While our bidet seats are compatible with the vast majority of toilets, some one-piece toilets with French curve water tanks have very limited space and can be difficult to fit a bidet seat, so it’s always best to check ahead of time.

Another thing to know is that in order for the bidet seat to operate you will need access to an electrical outlet to plug it in just like other home appliances.  Some people ask if the bidet needs to be hardwired, but in fact you just need a grounded outlet.  The power cord is about 3.5 feet long on most bidets and has a three-prong plug.  They are rated at 120V and 60Hz for compatibility with electrical systems in the US and Canada, though a couple of models are also available in 220/240V 50Hz for use internationally. You can check the specific model to see if the power cord extends from the rear right side or left side of the unit.

Of course, in addition to an outlet, the other requirement for a bidet seat is a water connection.  This is where some people think they have to hire a plumber and there will need to be extra water lines added to their bathroom.  But unlike old fashioned bidet fixtures and non-electric attachments, there is no need for a hot water line with your electric bidet seat since the water is heated internally by the unit.  Therefore, you only need to tap into the existing cold water line already connected to the bottom of your toilet tank.  This is done with a T-valve connection included with the unit, along with a bidet hose, which are used to split the existing water line at your toilet tank.  The hardest part is likely to be bending and reaching to unscrew the supply hose and screwing in the T-valve and hoses.  If you have physical limitations that make bending and reaching under the tank difficult, then you may want to get a friend or family member who can help out, but luckily you shouldn’t need to hire a plumber for this do-it-yourself installation.

So now that you know about choosing the right size for your toilet, know about having an electrical outlet and know how to connect the water line, you are ready to add a bidet seat to your bathroom!  One thing all of our experience tells us is that once you add a bidet to your bathroom, you’ll be glad you did!


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