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A remodeled bathroom can enhance your home’s overall feel by adding a tranquil feel to your daily routine. But the decision to renovate is a big one and takes plenty of planning to ensure it is successful.

Taking the time to develop a detailed plan will make the remodeling process more manageable and help make it a success. The following checklist will help you plan and organize your bathroom remodel.

1. Deciding What You Want

The pre-planning process determines what your remodel entails. Decide what design you want. The style will impact so many things, including what items need replacing, and your overall budget.

Working with a knowledgeable, trustworthy contractor – such as JSB Home Solutions – is a must, as well. JSB uses a SMART process (Saving Money and Remodeling Time), a cost-effective solution which adds value to your home.

JSB has an incredible array of options, from flooring to countertops to grab bars, from which to choose.

2. How the Age of Your House Affects the Remodel

An older home may have a variety of unforeseen issues arise during the remodel – problems which may affect your budget and how long the remodel takes. Talk to your contractor beforehand to discuss potential problems common to older homes.

3. Know Your Budget

Having a budget in place before you start is essential. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and what designs and styles will create the maximum return on your investment.

Your budget should include the cost of material and labor. Also, have a payment schedule in place before the remodel begins.

4. Take Pictures Beforehand

Take some pictures of your bathroom before the remodel. You’ll have a better appreciation of how much your bathroom has improved, as well as photos of the transformation to show others.

5. Know Your Schedule

Another critical step is to establish a project start time and determine the length of the remodel. Certain projects take longer and may affect material choice (some materials, such as ceramic, take longer to install), so decide how comfortable you’ll be without a working bathroom and for how long.

6. Get Any Needed Permits

Building codes and work permits vary by locality. Your contractor will know what permits you’ll need and what codes to follow before the work begins.

7. Order Everything You Need

When it comes to ordering items such as tiles and fixtures, the sooner, the better. While some orders often are filled in a matter of days, others can take a couple of months (such as handmade or hand-painted tiles).

8. Have a Plan in Place For During The Remodel

Does your home only have one bathroom? If so, you’ll need an alternate plan for where you’ll shower, etc., during the remodel. Also, other rooms may be affected by the project, so you may need to make alternate plans for sleeping or at the very least, expect messes in more than just your bathroom.

9. Remove Personal Items

Make sure to remove all items from your bathroom’s vanity, medicine cabinet, and shower before the work begins.

10. Demolition

A full bathroom remodel usually means tearing out significant portions of your existing bathroom. The demolition may last a couple of days, and your contractor can let you know what it entails and how long it will take.

11. Shop For & Order Accessories

You can order accessories such as towel bars and soap dishes much closer to the start of the project, but it’s always a good idea to have everything on hand before demolition begins.

Choosing your paint color a month before the remodel is another good idea. Remember, the color needs to blend well with tile and flooring.

12. Communicate Daily With Your Contractor

Once you’ve developed a schedule and checklist with your contractor, it’s always a good idea to talk to them daily so you know what’s happening every day. Your contractor should know where he can store materials and how he can get into the house if someone isn’t home.

13. Make Sure Everything Passes Inspection

Have a professional inspector check the work after it’s finished to make sure it meets all local codes and permits. Have a plan in place if something doesn’t pass inspection.

14. Take Some More Pictures

Take plenty of pictures after the project is finished, too. You’ll not only have some photos to show off, but you’ll also truly see the transformation of your bathroom when compared to when the project began.

15. Celebrate!

Don’t forget to celebrate when the project is over. Enjoy your bathroom’s new look while seeing the results of your time and investment.

Contact JSB Home Solutions if it’s time for a bathroom remodel in your home. Our SMART process will save you money in the long run and make the process far less intimidating. You can also use our Bathroom Remodel Checklist to start your planning today!

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