How Much Does a Master Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Ever wondered what a $68,000 master bathroom remodel looks like? Angie’s List members Walter Lander and his spouse Kit Ng share a rare look inside.

When flushing out the details for their high-end, master bathroom remodel, members Walter Lander and his spouse Kit Ng wanted to transform the space into a lavish getaway with fine finishes and stark white details.

This $68,000 remodel completed by highly-rated Contractor C. McNearney gave the couple a relaxing retreat in the master suite of their Portland, Ore., condominium.

Here’s the breakdown of materials and labor costs:

1. Curbless shower drain: $1,136
2. Arched glass panel in shower: $800
3. In-floor heat: $3,000
4. Bathtub: $2,500
5. Grab bar: $72
6. Sink faucets: $900
7. Medicine cabinet/sconces: $5,552
8. Digital tub/shower faucets: $2,865
9. 12 by 24 marble floor: $8,030
10. Marble vanity top: $3,922
11. Electric privacy glass panel: $3,100
12. Custom wardrobe doors: $3,500
13. LED lighting, recessed and strip: $1,700
14. Exterior door: $400

15. Recessed marble heat register: $175
16. Body sprays: $400
17. Handshower/hose/bar: $350
18. Cabinetry: $4,000
19. Towel bars: $200
20. Paint/primer: $200
21. Tub drain: $50
22. Exhaust fan: $200
23. Undermount sinks: $400
24. Cabinet pulls: $100
25. Cement board: $300
26. Dimmers: $90
27. Dump fees: $2,100
28. Miscellaneous: $2,100
29. Labor: $20,700

“It’s a world of difference,” Lander says. “It was dated and had a lot of glass block and separate rooms for the toilet. We never spent any time in the bathroom before. You’d go in, do your business and get out.

“Now it’s a luxurious place,” he says. “Every aspect of it.”

With a door that opens to the outside, heated floors, and an electric privacy glass panel near the toilet that turns opaque with the flip of a switch, Lander now has the white marble space he dreamed about.

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“We told [owner Charles McNearney] what we wanted, and his original estimate was $40,000, but then things got a little out of hand,” he says with a laugh, mentioning a trip to Southern California to pick what’s turned out to be a rarely used $2,500 bathtub. Other luxuries included an electronic panel that controls the room and custom wardrobe doors and cabinets. “We had the money, and we wanted something really nice.”

To protect their investment, another contractor sealed the marble floor and countertops to shield it from puking cats and wet toes. “We have extensive experience with remodeling projects,” Lander says. “Never have we been more pleased with a process and an outcome as we are with this one.”

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