Bathroom Remodel Planning Worksheet

The Bathroom Remodel Planning Worksheet is designed to help you plan the costs of your entire bathroom remodel, and keep track of each major cost component as you plan.

In addition to being able to note the brands and models you choose – and the cost of each – see what percent of your total bath remodel budget each line represents, and compare your costs to broad averages from around the country.

For example, cabinets and hardware typically account for 16%-20% of a bathroom remodel; appliances account for 10-12%; and so on.  Seeing how your choices compare to other remodels help you control each line of your budget!

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Category Brand/Model Cost % Avg. %
Cabinetry*   $   16-20%
• Cabinets   $    
• Hardware   $    
Countertops*   $   10-12%
Electrical*   $   1-7%
Fixtures & Fittings*   $    
• Shower   $   11-13%
• Bathtub   $   8-12%
• Sink(s)   $   3-7%
• Toilet   $   2%
• Bathroom Fan   $   1-2%
Fooring*   $   8-10%
Lights & Lighting*   $   4-5%
Plumbing*   $   1-3%
Demolition   $   1-3%
Misc.   $   2-3%
Unexpected/Overages   $   10-15%

* Be sure to include installation costs unless using a handyman, bathroom builder or general contractor.

NOTE: Contractor Fees

Handyman and/or builder/contractor markup costs are not included. These fees vary from area to area, and by each contractor’s experience level.

It’s not unusual to see markups of 30-50% or more. So for example, a job costing $10,000 in materials at a 40% markup would total $14,000 with contractor fees. That may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that contractors must make a profit, pay for overhead, cover salary costs, pay for insurance, etc.  And, good contractors bring a wealth of knowledge to remodeling projects.

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