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modern glass and stone bathroom

Looking for great bathroom ideas and inspiration for your bathroom renovation? The trend of contemporary bathroom designs is scaled down, minimalist, highlighting warm, earthy tones. However, amenities and features have taken on a new level of awesomeness. Presenting are 50 of our top bathroom ideas for upgrades and renovations.

1. Rain Showers

Rain showers are slowly becoming the norm of modern bathrooms. Offering a lighter water pressure and mirroring the effect of a downpour, rain showers create a calming effect throughout your bathroom.

doorless bath with rain showers

2. Dark Statement Walls

A dark feature wall adds a mysterious, intimate effect to your room. Paint or tile one wall with black or any deep shade of your favourite colour.

dark industrial bathroom design

3. Orchids

Orchids are sturdy plants that can survive in minimal sunlight and moist surroundings. The thick plastic-like flowers come in interesting shapes and colours. Perfect to cheer up a bathroom.

zen bathroom with dark wall tiles

4. Creative Storage

Take out all the clutter. Messy vanity and bathroom countertops are passe. Manage clutter with some creatively hidden drawers and storage.

creative bathroom storage

5. Flowing Basins

Odd shaped wash basins are among our top bathroom ideas and renovation inspiration. The most popular styles are elongated and grooved basins.

shell inspired bathroom sink

6. Recessed Walls

Gone are the bulky bathroom cabinets and even the more recent floating shelves. In place are recessed walls which are handy for your miniature plants, candles, and toiletries.

recessed wall shelves

7. Skylights

The trend of darker bathrooms is compensated with the rising popularity of skylights.

well-lighted bathroom

8. Pebble Floors

Clean round stones naturally complement refreshing water. Not to mention, the natural pebble stone grooves provide the needed traction between wet feet and floor.

natural stone bathroom design

9. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are now acceptable for the bathroom. Provide a rug to better manage water drips.

no-door bathroom design

10. Stone and Wood Planks Floors

The combination of smooth stone and wood plank flooring is popular in modern bathroom interiors, creating a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere.

Zen garden bathroom

11. Subway Tile Shower Wall

The subway tile pattern has proven to be timeless. Install subway tiles to your shower walls for a vintage vibe.

modern bathroom with subway tiles

12. Accent Lightning

Showcase every aspect of your bathroom with accent lights.

space efficient modern bathroom

13. Pocket Gardens

Lush and deep forest bathroom ideas and themes are very popular. Grow a pocket garden right inside your bathroom! This idea compliments skylights, open walls and large windows.

tropical lush bathroom design

14. Red and Black

The combination of two of the strongest colours results to a classic, powerful, and sexy air, perfectly suited for your bathroom.

grey tiled modern bathroom

15. Sisal Organisers

Sisal complements the atmosphere of natural and organic wellness and adds a pop of colour.

colourful sisal bathroom organisers

16. Barn Doors

Barn sliding doors made from recycled wood planks are definitely on trend when it comes to contemporary bathroom interiors.

rustic sliding barn door

17. Hexagon Tile Walls

All you need are hexagon tiles to dress up a bathroom wall. The surprising pattern lends some character to an otherwise plain wall.

modern black hexagon bathroom tiles

18. Bowl of Succulents

Decorate your bathroom with colourful and interestingly shaped succulents. The deep lush green of the plants inject a refreshing colour to the room.

compact white bathroom

19. Unpolished Wood

Rough unpolished wood pieces are integrated into bathrooms – as towel holders, sink basins, or shower seats, creating a rustic and refreshing aesthetic.

modern rustic bathroom

20. Door to the Outdoors

Among the top bathroom ideas is an open wall. Chic bathroom plans includes sliding glass doors that leads to a private garden or balcony.

glass walled bathroom

21. Huge Mirrors

Skip the tiles or paint on one wall and replace with a wall mirror. Mirrors reflect light around the room and visually widen narrow spaces.

floor to ceiling mirrored bathroom

22. Shower Benches

Instantly turn your regular shower into a spa by simply adding in a shower bench.

spa in a shower

23. Shower Tubs

Can’t decide between a shower and a long soak? Have both! That’s what shower tubs are for.

deck bath tub with rain shower

24. Frosted Glass Walls

Modern bathroom walls and doors are either glass of non-existent. For those who still put a premium on modesty, frosted glass is the solution.

frosted glass wall bathroom separator

25. Sunken Tubs

One of the most luxurious bathroom ideas is the sunken tub. You can’t help imagining long glorious warm baths. A must have!

unpolished concrete bath with sunken tub

26. Behind the Mirror Lights

Take out the harsh make up lights and opt for the gentler more modern light fixtures behind the mirror.

lighted bathroom mirrors

27. White on White

Basic white bathrooms are ultra-classy and polished. Update a white bathroom by taking out the clutter, installing creative storage option and glass shower doors.

open and light bathroom design

28. Natural Stone Walls

Gone are the decorative ceramic tile walls. Modern bathrooms are all natural stone walls. Use slate, fieldstone, granite, travertine, sandstone, and marble.

natural stone bathroom

29. Stone and Glass

The clean and minimalist atmosphere of the glass and stone bathroom is gaining popularity.

stone and glass minimalist bathroom

30. Grey and Black

Create texture and depth to the room by using shades of black and grey to create a mesmerising, statement bathroom.

luxurious bath with marble countertop

31. Black Wash Basins

The matte black wash basin is gaining popularity among creative bathroom ideas and renovation choices.

modern matte black wash basins

32. Pink and Grey

A hint of sweetness and something girly. Spots of pink around a predominately grey colour palette will neutralise the sombre grey room.

alternative pink and grey bath

33. Freestanding Bathtubs

Who says a tub has to be against the wall? Have yours in the centre, the focal point of your personal space.

freestanding bath tubs

34. Hot Stones and Pebbles

Fill in corners and odd spaces with smooth hot stones. Fill glass containers with pebbles and use as stand for your makeup kits or hair brushes.

modern zen bathroom design

35. Lighted Wash Basins

You don’t have to turn all the lights on if you only need to fetch a glass of water or brush your teeth. The muted lights can also serve as background lighting if you prefer a darker room.

lighted wash basin

36. Statement Chandelier

Install a statement chandelier to complete your bathroom décor.

avent garde bathroom with wood panelling

37. Minimalism

Clean lines, no clutter, solid shapes, and blank spaces. All clean and efficient.

clean and modern minimalist bathroom

38. A Nook

Bathrooms are your most private sanctuary, so it’s important to make it a comfortable space with a built in nook.

modern bathroom with a nook

39. Basket Organisers

Clear out the plastic hamper baskets and stuffy drawers for towels and clothes. Just bring in basket organisers for a more nature-friendly and cool bathroom.

contemporary black and white bath

40. Auster Concrete Walls

Plain concrete walls are back in style, creating an understated elegance throughout your space.

austere concrete bathroom

41. Monochrome Tile Walls

Playful, colourful, and decorative tile patterns are a thing in the past. Modern bathroom walls are plain and any textures are derived naturally from the wall material.

modern monochromatic bath

42. Transparent Tubs

Transparent glass tubs are moving from exceptional to mainstream amazing.

modern transparent bath tub

43. Linear Drains

Linear drains are more efficient and popular with open showers and wooden floors, allowing water to be drained quicker.

linear bath drains

44. Curb-less, Door-less Showers

Shower curtains and curbs are out. Modern shower rooms contain glass panelling or a walled off section.

modern doorless bath with double rain showers

45. Wall Art

Add a subtle painting with relaxing colours or the classic black and white theme to a bare wall, to enjoy in those long soaks.

classic Hampton neutrals bathroom

46. Earth Tone Tiles

Add an earthy quality to your bathroom with the use of neutral colours. Grey, black, beige, slate, and muted blues add a calming effect.

contemporary glass and stone bathroom

47. A Splash of Gold

A few touches of gold against the whites and earth tones go a long way in creating a luxurious quality in your bathroom.

gold shower head and knob

48. Free Hand Taps

Modern taps have sensors so you don’t have to use your hands to turn on. This works for better germ control and hygiene.

silver sensor taps

49. Concealed Toilet

Good taste and feng shui dictate that the toilet should be concealed from plain view. Contemporary bathroom styles agree.

comfortable white bath

50. Glass Wash Basins

Luminous, clear, tinted, or frosted glass basins are among the favourite bathroom ideas for upgrades.

modern bath with frosted glass basin

Do you have any amazing modern bathroom idea that we haven’t covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!


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